Essentials for a Rockin’ Road Trip

11 Essentials for a Rocking Roadtrip

I love a good road trip and right now I’m wrapping up my first road trip in what seems like years. The past week I’ve been whizzing around the state of Oregon with a couple friends, visiting Portland, driving along the beautiful Oregon Coast and exploring some of Oregon’s wonders. This road trip has been completely different from the road trips of my younger days where I was carted up and down the coast in the back of the family van. Not only was I traveling with friends, we had a lot of flexibility in our schedule. While we had planned out Continue Reading

What is Canadian Food eh?

Tim Hortons Timbits

I get asked a lot what is there unique to eat in Canada? And my answer, typically if they're coming to Vancouver is all about the great seafood, lots of Chinese options, amazing sushi and talk about all the authentic ethnic food available. Then they ask about Canadian food. Usually this is a tough question to ask because there isn’t really anything stand out Canadian. We eat much like our southern neighbours, plus all of the cuisines of the world. So today, I present to you foods that are somewhat Canadian. Foods that have their roots Continue Reading

How To Be a Tourist In Your Own City

How To Be a Tourist in Your Own City

All this summer, I’ve been trying to play tourist in my own city, exploring new areas and revisiting old favourites. It wasn’t as successful as I thought. It started off excellent. I was going out every weekend, going to new places, doing new things. I dragged my family along with me too. But somewhere along the way, between the hot summer and long days, I lost a bit enthusiasm for it. As summer comes to an end, I’m looking back at this summer’s adventures. While I didn’t see everything I wanted to do in Vancouver, that just means I have Continue Reading

Magical Marrakech for the First Time Visitor

Overlooking Jemaa el-Fna // Photo: Grand Parc

Beautiful, colourful and always welcoming to visitors, Marrakech is a magical place to visit. The city can be separated into two halves: the ancient walled Medina, a jumble of crooked streets and venders selling their fares, and colonial Ville Nouvelle with its glitz and glamour. From the many markets, to exceptional attractions, such as Jemaa el Fna and the Saadian Tombs, it’s impossible to resist the charms of Marrakech. Jemaa el Fna One of the (many) places to visit in Morocco’s fourth-largest city, is, of course, Jemaa el Fna; a Continue Reading