Highlights from 3 Days in San Francisco

San Francisco Skyline Horizontal

My weekend getaway to San Francisco can be summed up in just one word and that’s foggy. Foggy in the physical sense – there was a lot of low hanging cloud when we were there! And also foggy in the sense that it flew by so fast that it was such a huge blur. I’ve long had a fascination with San Francisco, passing through it frequently on road trips with my parents as a kid, but I hadn't been there much as an adult. In many ways it’s similar to Vancouver, but just a way cooler and more happening place. While I had my cell phone stolen on my Continue Reading

Who Am I? Searching for My Roots in Hong Kong

Adelina in Hong Kong

Going to Hong Kong was a thought-provoking and fascinating experience. It was almost like I was returning home, except I had never called Hong Kong home. Other than a trip when I was 5 and a quick stop over on the way to Cambodia and Thailand, I have no memories of Hong Kong. The city is home in the sense that my roots lie in Hong Kong. My parents were born there. They grew up there. However, both of them immigrated to Canada in their teens so their identities are very much that of a Canadian. The Hong Kong of today is vastly different Continue Reading

7 Free Things to Do in Hong Kong

Avenue of the Stars Promenade Hong Kong

Hong Kong can be an expensive city to visit. Hong Kong can also be a fairly inexpensive experience as well if you do it right. Good and delicious food can be found on the cheap everywhere. Even accommodation can be affordable if you look for vacation rentals vs. traditional hotels. Activities can run the range of being extremely expensive to absolutely free. Here are 7 free things to do in Hong Kong that I took advantage of while in the city: 1. Avenue of the Stars This promenade along the waterfront of Kowloon in Tsim Sha Tsui Continue Reading

Maximize Your Good Fortune With These Chinese New Year Traditions

Chinese New Year Banners

Happy Chinese New Year! This festive season is a fun time in my family. I have such fond memories of all the good food, candy, traditions and most of all the red pocket! It was like Christmas and one of my favourite holidays growing up. Even though we were in Canada, my grandmother makes sure we were following traditions to a tee. Traditionally, celebrations last for 15 days with specific activities and rituals for each day of the new year. However, in our family the days leading up to and the first few days of the new year are the most Continue Reading