Stuffing My Face with Hong Kong Foodie Tours

Hong Kong Foodie Tour - Pineapple Bun + Milk Tea

One of the things I was looking forward to the most in Hong Kong was the food. With roots in Hong Kong and the immense availability of delicious Chinese food in Vancouver, I had grown up eating much of the typical Hong Kong foods. I was eager to discover how similar or different these things are. With that in mind, I enlisted the help of the Hong Kong Foodie Tours to explore the Sham Shui Po area of Hong Kong. I had previously visited the neighbourhood the day before to visit the famous Michelin star winning dim sum restaurant Tim Ho Wan Continue Reading

Getting in the Holiday Spirit at the Vancouver Christmas Market

Vancouver Christmas Market - Welcome Sign

I love the holidays and Christmas time. Everyone is so cheerful and happy. There are lots of parties and so much good food. I start looking forward to the festive season as soon as it hits November which is mostly dark and gloomy, full of rain. Well, at least in Vancouver it is. One of the biggest things I miss about living in Europe are all the Christmas markets. There’s something so festive about wandering around the outdoor booths, looking at fun crafts, stuffing my face with delicious foods and sipping on mulled wine. A couple years ago, Continue Reading

Beyond the Big Buddha – Other Things to Do on Lantau Island

Tai O - Harbour

Beyond visiting the Big Buddha, there is plenty to do on Lantau Island (大嶼山). It is well worth spending a day on the island when visiting Hong Kong. Surprisingly green and significantly quieter than the hustle and bustle of the rest of Hong Kong, this is where you go when it all becomes overwhelming. Lantau Island is the largest of Hong Kong’s many islands, almost twice the size of Hong Kong Island, but at much lower population density. Originally a collection of small fishing villages, economic development has grown the island. Today it is Continue Reading

Highlights from 21 Days in Myanmar

Highlights from Myanmar - Bagan

A friend of mine, D, recently went on a trip to Myanmar. I watched her updates from home and was insanely jealous. I asked her to put together some highlights of her time in this little known, little traveled country. Take it away D!  Whenever I told anyone I was going to Myanmar, the reaction I got was, ‘Where’s that?’ Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is located between Bangladesh and Thailand. Why travel to Myanmar? Why not! It’s a country where a couple of years ago tourism really began to take off. In planning this trip I spent Continue Reading