Best Reads: October 2013

October has been a busy month for me with lots of friends, laughter and food. Canadian Thanksgiving happened a couple weeks ago and I tried tofurky for the first time… and probably for the last. Not for me. I’ll just take good ‘ol regular tofu please. Best of all, I’m celebrating my birthday today! Hurray for being a Halloween baby. Not everyone gets to celebrate by watching and her friends get dressed up in her honour :)

At #dinnerpartyyvr - a charity fundraising dinner party.
At #dinnerpartyyvr – a charity fundraising dinner party.

Around Here & the Web

I continued my series on my time spent in New York by taking a look a Time’s Square in the day and night and realizing a dream by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. I wandered through Zagreb, discovering the city as a great place to escape all the tourists, before taking a somber look at the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. In honour of today, I put together a list of things to do to get into the Halloween spirit in Vancouver. Finally, I discussed the merits of sending postcards. Do you send them?

Over at Travel Addicts, I discuss two cities that I find completely overrated along with other travel bloggers. I also contributed photos to Sunsets from Around the World at Life’s Great Adventures and Weird Regional Food at the Gypsy Nester.


Living on the International Space Station

When I was a kid, I had a massive fascination with space. I desperately wanted to go to the space camps that NASA offers each summer, but it never happened. Now with the onset of social media, I’ve been following on the journey of the men and women who are now living on the ISS.

What’s It Like To Cook And Eat In Antarctica? Ask This Guy

Must be a month of exotic destinations. This is a fascinating look into what it is like to live and work as a chef at a station in Antarctica. Can you imagine seeing the sunset and knowing that it won’t rise for another 6 months?

Lazarat – Albania – Day Tripping in the Illegal Drug Capital of Europe

I really admire Nate’s ability to craft a great story and this post is no exception. I don’t think I’d be as daring to make the journey here, this is a fascinating look into the (illegal) reality of an Albanian village.

Ridiculously Surreal Photos of San Marino

Have you been to San Marino? These pictures are amazing! I need to go. Stat!

Northern India: The Good, The Great, and The Ugly

I have never felt a strong pull to go to India, but Jodi over at Legal Nomads put together a great post highlight the best and the worst of northern India.

The Journey

Why Studying Abroad Isn’t What I Thought It Would Be

I truly understand where Kay is talking about. My study abroad experience wasn’t all that I imagined it to be and she is able to explain much better than I, the loneliness and superficiality of the whole experience.

RTW Guide: Our Planning & Budget Breakdown

A great breakdown of how to afford your round the world trip on a budget. It’s very interesting to see how one couple was able to make it work.

Homeless in NYC (or, Safety Tips for Airbnb and Vacation Rental Sites)

AirBnb – I love it and yet I hate it. This one couple had a rough encounter and offer some great tips for your next apartment rental.

Keeping a Relationship (With a Place) Fresh and Interesting

Forest of Everyday Nomad, is currently in Budapest, and is writing about how to keep things interesting and exciting in a new city when all the glitz and glamour wears off. I’ve been in that same position a couple years ago and this is an excellent post on how to move past it.

Airport Survival Guide: How to Not Annoy Everyone Else

Airports can be confusing. So many people, so many gates and so many rules and regulations to follow. It’s all about taking a moment and getting prepared and reading all the fine print. Tom at Waegook Tom has put together a fabulous guide on how to get through the airport in one piece relatively stress free.


100 Thai Dishes to Eat in Bangkok: The Ultimate Eating Guide

An older post, but new to me. I need to go to Thailand ASAP. Everything looks delicious and yum.

The World’s Dollar Menu

What can you eat around the world for approximately $1 USD? Apparently a lot as one traveling couple found out.

What were some of the best things you read this month?

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